“PROFEYE CHALLENGE” is a unique platform for designers, architects and architectural companies, which gives an opportunity to realize their wildrest ideas, to present their architectural vision to the society in a new way.
To draw public attention towards the buildings that have become a symbol of the city's history and have public value, preserving the old ones, while offering new and unique architectural solutions. To activate the sphere, to form a professional community, to create a healthy competition, to enable designers and architects to realize their ideas:
5 winning projects
The three winners will be chosen by online voting, receiving the highest approval There will be a special nomination of the State Committee for urban development Another nomination is provided by the media
Why the Press Building?
The choice of this building is motivated by its social significance, recognition, functionality of the building and architectural solutions that provide designers and architects great creative opportunities.
The authors of the winning projects will travel to the Greek city of Thessaloniki from 4 to 8 November, for training and experience exchange at Alumil – one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of aluminium profiles and accessories, partner of Prof Al.